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In this part of the Wiki Authors can publish their templates, plugins, addons, packages and solutions. However they carry a back link to the CMSimple 4.x Website, which you may want to This list is not exhaustive. gives a greater collection, however including old and not up to date plugins.

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1 Apr 2016 General menu is used to manage certificates, add templates, issue certificates and manage SCEP key-usage (list of [digital-signature | content-commitment invalid-after (date), The date after which certificate wil be invalid.

30 Jun 2014 Our themes have an extensive function list that developers and site owners can All these functions can be used anywhere in any theme file. can be used for formatting: use any string combination from PHP's date function.

for different distributions. To install, download and put to the host system's /vz/template/cache directory, do not unpack! directory, do not unpack! List of templates available at download:template/precreated/ and its mirrors: File, Date, Size