Recent c14 dating of fossils including dinosaur bone collagen

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4: Haynes V. Radiocarbon: analysis of inorganic carbon of fossil bone and R. Concordance of collagen-based radiocarbon and aspartic-acid racemization 6: Burleigh R, Zivanovic S. Radiocarbon dating of a Cro-Magnon population A new method for carbon isotopic analysis of protein. Proteins in dinosaur bones.

There's something wrong with dinosaur remnants. They might be

Dino Dating Conflicts: Carbon dating suggests less than 40,000

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For each SANU we obtained ≈90% direct sequence coverage of collagen (I) α1 and α2 A phylogeny was estimated from an alignment of these fossil sequences with and direct radiocarbon dating (see Supplementary Information and Extended In all phylogenetic analyses performed with our data (including the use of 

[12] Holzschuh, Pontcharra, , and , Miller, “RECENT C-14 DATING OF FOSSILS INCLUDING DINOSAUR BONE COLLAGEN,” in Evoluzionismo: Il Tramonto di