Y u-series dating techniques

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Absolute dating techniques such as U-series or K/Ar-dating have also been successful; however, difficulties exist such as elemental concentrations near the 

Depositional setting and dating - Naracoorte Caves - Department of

Dating Techniques. Four Categories Alpha decay (AX A-4Y + He) Equilibrium /non-equilibrium chain of radioactive decay (e.g., U-series). Physical changes 

century ago, but the application of radiometric dating techniques over the last few decades has luminescence (OSL), cosmogenic nuclide, and uranium series (U-series) dating .. El ejemplo de los glaciares de Escarra y Lana Mayor, Alto.

Uranium series dating of calcite formations in caves : recent results

25 Aug 2014 The continued development of dating techniques offers new . Timeline spanning the past 12,000 y, illustrating the following: (A) prior . as experienced with AMS radiocarbon dating and U-series dating of rock art (4, 7).

Yu. V. Amelin. US Geological Survey, DFC Box 25046, Mail Stop 963, Denver, Nevada yield isotopic ages by both U-series dating in and U-Pb methods.