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Most countries have AOC laws between 15-16 years old. I think it is a Saying men in their 40's cannot date girls in their teens is a feminist shaming tactic again. I just disagree stronly that a 13 year old girl can sleep with a 45 year old man. When my sister was 15, she brought home a 30-year-old guy.

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First Dates Australia, Episode 3: oysters, bald heads and bad jokes. SHAUN BAMBER. Last updated 21:45, May 9 2016 All of these diners were single - and on a real blind date. Luke's after a sweet girl, some cheeky banter - and he "wouldn't say no" Next through the restaurant doors is 24-year-old "highly successful 

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Little Old Lady Sitting On A Park Bench (S601, S812) .Make My Suicidal 83 Year Old Woman (S168, S568b). Jokes about old Three Old Men Talk About Their Problems (S45) mainly around Agnes Brown finding a date over the internet .. I thought about the 30 year business I ran with 1800 employees,